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Premier Furniture & Designs By Nanak is a furniture pioneer emanating from Kenya, the heart of Eastern Africa. It has been defining quality since 1970 and is still holds great pride in its name and workmanship

Our furniture has been distributed all across Kenya and also been exported to Tanzania, South Africa and the UK

This brand blends together the skill of the local African talent and the prowess of the Sikh heritage.

Premier Furniture & Designs portrays an array of designs from the most noble, classic pieces to the most unaccustomed contemporary pieces.

This furniture & Design label also focusses on different aspects on residential and commercial interiors.
Be it windows, flooring, doors, kitchens or wardrobes, we have a team of talented craftsmen who meticulously work to ensure each client’s vision is converted to reality and our quality control team ensure that we live up to our slogan “The finest bespoke interiors”


Within the Sikh community, there were many artisans originating from the Punjab region which is now between Northern India and Pakistan. Historically these Sikhs’ main occupation was Carpentry and hence why many of them have continued with this profession and have mastered the artistry of precision and have a knack for every detail in a piece of furniture.

Here at Premier Furniture & Designs, we have ingrained these ancestral values and skills into every step of our manufacturing process to ensure that we provide you with the highest grade of furniture available in the market.


Jaswinder Singh Gharial is a Kenyan born Sikh who has been an entrepreneur for the past thirty years and has had a passion for woodwork since the late 80’s.

The story of the family owned business started when Jaswinder installed a plain set of cupboards in his room that he made in his workshop. There was a spark of joy after seeing the finished look and that’s where the passion for woodwork originated.

He continued to create more designs for his own home and eventually it turned into a hobby. Many years down the line, after working on several personal and community projects, his expertise grew in this field and this hobby quickly turned into an enterprise.



At Premier Furniture & Designs, all of our timber is sourced from sustainable suppliers and we encourage reforestation.

Our furniture pieces are designed to last for a lifetime and all our products are made of solid hardwood thus they are 100% reusable and recyclable. We use our off-cuts in several projects in order to minimise waste.

Workmanship is in our ancestral roots here at Premier Furniture & Designs. We respect and appreciate high quality artisanship and hence we promote the local talent, ensuring they are paid fair wages in order to better their lifestyle.

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