Maharaja SS01 7 Seater

Introducing the Maharaja SS01: A Masterpiece of Regal Opulence

Immerse yourself in the regal heritage of our company with the Maharaja SS01 seven seater sofa set. Derived from the Punjabi word for “king,” the Maharaja SS01 pays homage to our rich cultural legacy and transports you to a world of royal elegance. This exceptional sofa set captures the essence of a throne, symbolizing its unparalleled status and one-of-a-kind allure.

Every facet of the Maharaja SS01 showcases our unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and artistic excellence. Adorned with intricate hand-carved details, this masterpiece is a testament to the exceptional skill and meticulous artistry of our artisans. Delicate patterns grace the headpiece, with each tiny motif and carefully crafted element adding to its regal splendour. From the captivating 3D engraved acanthus designs along the top rail to the majestic wings that exude grandeur, every detail tells a story of unrivalled opulence.

The legs of the Maharaja SS01 boast an exquisite open rose carving, extending along the front legs to create a captivating visual display. The bottom rail features a carved apron that echoes the design language of the top rail, further accentuating its regal charm and grand aesthetic.

To elevate its allure, the Maharaja SS01 is enveloped in sumptuous soft powder pink velvet upholstery. The indulgent touch of the fabric invites you to experience true luxury, while the graceful hue adds an element of sophistication to your living space. It is a fusion of comfort, elegance, and heritage—a true reflection of our commitment to exceptional craftsmanship.

Unleash your inner royalty with the Maharaja SS01. Transcending the boundaries of mere furniture, this remarkable sofa set captures the essence of art and heritage. Embrace the legacy of kings and transform your living space into a sanctuary of regal magnificence with the Maharaja SS01.

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